Health & Well-Being

We recognize that early childhood trauma, as well as ongoing chronic stress from living with poverty, hunger, unsafe housing, community violence, and discrimination, greatly affect behavior, development, and physical health. Overwhelmingly, studies find that these non-medical factors play an even larger role in determining people’s health and well-being.

Our nonprofit partners understand this complex interplay and the subsequent need to bolster protective factors within families and communities. Our partners are actively working to help families with parenting, life, and coping skills; to better integrate primary care, mental health, and social services; and to expand the availability of home and community-based services.

Family stability is central for lifelong healthy development. Strong families lead to better-educated, happier, and healthier members of that family, as well as more productive and safer communities. With the “whole-family” focus at the core of our work, we are pleased to support organizations that promote resiliency in children, families, and communities through prevention, intervention, resources, and support.