Our Values


Our longstanding commitment to work in concert with our fellow family members serves as the bedrock of the Foundation. We are a dynamic and diverse family that operates with gratitude, respect, thoughtfulness, and courage while honoring our Founders and their values as we move forward together.   


We value the fellowship and mutuality that occurs when people work collectively to help each other. We believe strong communities are built on strong relationships where people come together to work on shared causes and where people trust and respect one another. We believe families are the pillars of strong communities. 


Our work is evaluated through the lens of impact. Grants are intended to be transformative and produce lasting positive outcomes, whether that be for an individual, group, or community. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of operation, effectiveness, and transparency to ensure the achievement of lasting change.  


The only path to our shared vision is through valuing the innate dignity and worthiness of every human by embracing the diversity of communities and respecting our own differences.