New Federal Opportunities to Advance 2Gen Approaches

The federal government will be providing significant new funding to state and local governments in 2018 and future years through an array of programs serving low-income children and parents. By weaving together new and existing funding streams, they can pursue aggressive two-generation (2Gen) system reforms that create more efficient ways to improve economic security, education, health, and well-being for low-income parents and children.

According to this report published by Ascend at The Aspen Institute, there are also a number of clearinghouses to help us learn what strategies are evidence-based and which match the needs of communities. “Some of the most relevant to 2Gen approaches are the Pew Results First Clearinghouse, the California Clearinghouse for Evidence-Based Practices, the Department of Labor’s CLEAR, ACF’s Research and Evaluation Clearinghouses, the Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse, and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Social Programs That Work.”

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