Respect & Transparency

We respect and value the expertise of those with whom we collaborate in our shared work: our non-profit partners, the individuals who lead them, each other as family members and staff. We are transparent, among ourselves and with our partners, in how we accomplish our grantmaking and in our decision making.

Inclusion & Diversity

We value the diverse perspective of our partners, the people they serve and others who work in our areas of interest. We invite and encourage broad participation of all interested family members.


We invest the Foundation’s resources in effective nonprofits that change lives. We evaluate all we do and make adjustments based on what we learn.

Skill Building & Shared Learning

We work in ways that emphasize learning, skill building and knowledge sharing among our family and among our partners.


We encourage and nurture philanthropy in our family, and we share our enthusiasm. We look for passion in our grantees. We expect to enjoy the work that we share.